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07 Jun 2019

You Do Not Have to Be A Big Corporation to Design Your Own Sports Clothes


Looking to build your brand and look fierce on and off the field? Did you know that your team has the power to dictate the currency of your worth? Your brand is so much more than just your logo, emblem, or sponsorship. Your brand is your image, and in the corporate world, image is everything.


While clothing trends may come and go, the tradition of wearing customised sports clothing has never lost its appeal in the corporate world. Not only is it a fantastic way to make your company look serious about its game, but it gives the perception of credibility, trust, professionalism, and business. And that is where we come into the picture.


Choosing a reliable sports clothing supplier is important for cementing a powerful brand, and that is exactly what we can do for you. What started out as a small sports retail store, all the way back in 1987, has evolved into one of the largest wholesale sports and corporate clothing networks in Africa. Servicing thousands of organisations across the board, XCO Group is the leading sports and corporate clothing manufacturers, and suppliers in South Africa, Botswana, Kenya, Namibia, and Zimbabwe.


We Have Got Your Sport Covered


At XCO Group, we know, love, and breathe sports, and go above and beyond to exceed the expectations of private, government, and corporate clubs/teams throughout SA and beyond. Choosing to be the best and not the biggest, we have helped many clubs, schools, universities, and organisations across the board build their brand and amp up their game.


As respected leaders in the sports apparel industry and sports partners for life, we supply just about every type of sporting apparel and equipment under the sun, including aquatics, athletics, boxing, basketball, cricket, football, hockey, rugby, netball, squash, tennis, and volleyball. Whatever sports clothing you are after, we have it all. And if we do not, then we let you design your own clothes.


Choose From our Existing Line or Create Your Own Clothes with our Design-On-Line Software


At XCO Group, we take great pride in offering organisations the choice of choosing clothes from our existing line or creating their very own using our Design-On-Line software. With an aim to provide a convenient and easy-to-use service, our software is ideal for organisations that want to incorporate signature colours and style that cannot be found elsewhere.


How it works is easy. Click the Design-On-Line link on the website and choose the clothing type. Once our pre-selected designs appear, select the one you like the most and design your own clothes using your own colours, panels, sleeves, piping, and stitching. Once you have designed your own clothes, our in-house department will immediately manufacture them for you. It is as easy as that.


Top-Quality In-House Branding and Delivery


Behind every winning team, you will always find a rock-solid brand, which is why branding is so important. Aligning image with identity, branding is fundamental to ensure the maximum exposure of emblems and sponsorship, and it just so happens that we have our very own in-house branding department. At XCO Group, not only can we brand anything to perfection, but we are reliable, meticulous, efficient, and affordable. It does not matter how small or large your order is, we can successfully meet and deliver any size order on time.   

 You do not have to be a big corporation to create your own clothes – anyone can do it. To learn more about our software, our quality sports clothes and materials used, or our in-house branding services, chat with us.