Wholesale PPE Distributors in South Africa, Namibia, and Botswana

29 Jun 2020 - At XCO Group, we use three headings to categorise our ranges of protective products, many of which are particularly relevant, if not essential, in the management and control of a rapidly-spreading pandemic.

Face Shield or Mask – Know the Difference

29 Jun 2020 - By now, every South African is familiar with the government’s lockdown restrictions that forbid anyone going out in public without wearing a mask to shield the lower part of the face, since COVID-19 is a virus for which there is as of yet no preventative cure or treatment.

First Class Face Masks for Personal Protection

29 Jun 2020 - Face masks of various descriptions and types are worn for any number of reasons by people in various circumstances and capacities. Excluding beauty products that are applied to treat and tighten facial skin, these items are designed, manufactured, and most often used to cover the wearer’s lower face when placed over the mouth and nose.

Putting Essential Personal Protective Clothing First

28 May 2020 - The phrase “personal protective clothing” – abbreviated to PPC in the relevant section of the XCO Group’s convenient website, refers to garments and accessories that are worn by those in occupations and environments that may expose them to a host of potential contaminants or impurities.

Professional Personal Protective Equipment Excellence by XCO Group

28 May 2020 - To some, personal protective equipment (PPE) could mean virtually anything, depending on their first frame of reference, from firearms and military helmets to bullet-proof armoured vehicles and Velcro vests.

PPE Clothing for COVID-19 Conditions and Post-Virus Protection

28 May 2020 - At the time of writing this article, we at XCO Group are operating under COVID-19 Level 4 restrictions of the South African lockdown, which will be downgraded to Level 3 on 1 June 2020. This will allow us to manufacture and supply more of our merchandise offerings.

Banners Attract and Capture Attention

08 May 2020 - Banners of all types, shapes, sizes, colours and in numerous guises appear everywhere nowadays. Some are professionally produced, while others are home-made – both of which are made to wielded about to draw, attract and capture attention.

Golf Shirts: The Garments of Choice

08 May 2020 - You don’t have to be a professional golfer to wear a golf shirt. In fact, you don’t even need to set foot on a golf course to wear a golf shirt with confidence and a considerable amount of pleasure.

One-Stop Online Supplier of Corporate Clothing and Accoutrements

08 May 2020 - “Clothes make the man” or various phrases with a similar meaning have been commonly used for a long time. Opinions on the origin of these sayings vary.

New Beginnings with a Bright, Bold Gazebo

08 May 2020 - It is never too early or too late to act upon your keen business instincts to extend your companies’ marketing and advertising exposure, doing so by utilising XCO Group’s innovative products – from corporate wear and promotional gifts to gazebos.

Great Grab-and-Go Gazebos | XCO Group

31 Mar 2020 - Branded grab-and-go gazebos are a brilliant way to boost your brand, include your customers, and create hype around your business. They hold historic significance and have an array of benefits.

Bringing Branded Gazebos into the 21st Century: XCO Group-Style

31 Mar 2020 - Branded Gazebos of various types and descriptions have been used in gardens, public parks, and other recreational outdoor spaces for a very long time. XCO Group continues the trend.

Golf Shirts, Sport, and the Rules of the Game | XCO Group

31 Mar 2020 - Many sports have regulations with regards to uniform and golf shirts are often an important element of the game. XCO Group caters to all these needs. Contact us.

Behold, the Banner | XCO Group

31 Mar 2020 - Lightweight, easily assembled, and portable, banners and flags are prominently featured in XCO Group’s online branding catalogue.

Robust XCO Gazebos | XCO Group

28 Feb 2020 - We’d like to begin with a parable about the gazebo, which was most often used as an ornamental feature and a place to relax in gardens and public parks.

Bring Your Branded Gazebo | XCO Group

28 Feb 2020 - XCO Group is the originator and supplier of many a top-quality, well-designed, South African-made modern mobile branded gazebos

Stylish Golf Shirts | XCO Group

28 Feb 2020 - XCO Group, suppliers of a huge variety of promotional goods and corporate clothing, offers an immense range of ladies’, men’s and children’s golf shirts, in almost all the colours under the sun.

Impressionable Banners | XCO Group

28 Feb 2020 - Banners, in all their facets and guises, are designed to be visible and attention-grabbing. Such products are also used to clearly indicate the literal and figurative presence of a business

Quality corporate Clothing | XCO Group

31 Jan 2020 - • Corporate clothing is a perfect vehicle for corporate branding, further enhancing brand loyalty, as well as the image and company culture which the employer wishes to portray and emphasise

Stockists of Protective Clothing | XCO Group

31 Jan 2020 - Today, XCO Group is a unique catalogue wholesaler, utilising a fast, efficient system that clearly displays catalogues of our protective clothing ranges.