Article - The Evolution of Corporate Branding and Big Brands

07 Jan 2020

Corporate branding is applied to virtually every organisation that provides products and services to clients and customers, irrespective of the industry that they represent. Additionally, corporate branding is also an important component in the worlds of entertainment and sport, where brand loyalty is widely practised.


Branding’s Likely Origin


It is thought that the possible very first form of branding was used to mark livestock with some type of insignia that identified the owner, so helping to prevent theft and disputes about ownership. As ancient societies began to develop and evolve, people started manufacturing goods which were traded and later offered for sale.


The goods themselves or their containers were marked to indicate the maker, the origin, and sometimes the purported quality too. Unearthed relics from ancient India, China, Egypt, Rome, and Greece bear evidence of makers’ marks on pottery and ceramic containers.


Some Really Successful Brands


Cast your mind back to some of the world’s most famous brand names. There are literally thousands of these, including big makes or marques like Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Levi, Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Google, McDonalds, KFC, Colgate, Rolex, Cartier, Lego, Kellogg’s, and two older, groundbreaking favourites – Hoover and Cutex.


The latter two were so much a part of daily lives throughout the world that people would use these brand names in place of verbs. “I’m hoovering my carpets” or “I must cutex my nails before I go on a date tonight” were often used to describe using any vacuum cleaner or painting nails with any and every make of nail varnish.


That is truly exceptionally successful branding by the owners of Hoover and Cutex. It is also interesting to note that several of the listed brands are the originators’ own names.


What’s in a Name?


Consumers have their favourite musicians and film stars, while spectators and fans support their favourite sports team and individual sports stars within the team. Right across the world, famous people may also become a brand in their own right. One is frequently confronted by film stars and musicians who have achieved celebrity status, on which they capitalise, launching their own fragrances, foods, underwear, or fashion lines, branded with the person’s own name.


Nowadays, it is also commonplace for big perfume brands and cosmetic houses to link their brands with the names and faces (personal brands) of movie and sports stars, who are paid millions in appearance or sponsorship fees – a prime example of this type of an additional corporate branding initiative.


Characteristics of Corporate Branding


Effective corporate branding is a vital and key component of most success stories, be the successful brand a company, a concern’s products, or services with an instantly recognisable trademark and name that may become known as a big brand by virtue of its widespread popularity and customer demand.


·        Branding attracts attention and customers.


·        The more often a logo or brand is seen, the more familiar and comfortable potential customers become with it.

·        The more familiar customers are with the name and insignia, the more they tend to trust it, because these items or services are very visible. Therefore, they must be popular, trustworthy, and credible.

·        Customers become brand loyal. Keeping existing customers and supporters is vital to success.

·        Loyal, happy customers will return and provide repeat business. They will not hesitate to refer others to the brand, providing the brand owner with cost-free marketing advantages.

·        Moreover, if manufacturers or distributors spend money on marketing and advertising their marked merchandise, it surely indicates that they believe in and back their goods and services.

·        People will buy and support that which they and others trust.

·        Branding establishes a corporate image and identity, with which customers can identify.

·        Corporate insignia helps one organisation to stand out from its competitors. This is invaluable in a diverse, modern marketplace, where competition is tight.

·        Ideally, you want your brand to be recognised for all the right reasons that you want customers to associate with your corporate organisation – quality, credibility, uniqueness, confidence, and positivity about your products and services.


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