Article - Your Choice in Corporate Clothing Suppliers

29 Apr 2019

Why XCO Group Should Be Your Choice of Corporate Clothing Suppliers


Looking for branded sports clothing or branded sports equipment for your event? You will probably do some research and then find that there are a lot of corporate clothing suppliers in your area. While a lot of them are able to deliver at affordable prices, they may provide you with inferior clothing quality or bad branding. XCO Group is one of the suppliers that specialises in branded sports apparel. We are simply one of the best corporate clothing suppliers when it comes to branded items, and we can provide you with quality fabrics, well-designed items, and other pieces that you need to display your brand effectively.


At XCO Group, we supply a wide range of high-profile clients that choose us to be their “go to” people when they need outstanding design, custom-made attire, and visible branding. There are also other reasons why we are considered a heavy hitter in the industry, and these include the following:


·         Experience: Because we formed this company in the late eighties, we have plenty of market experience. Now, more than three decades later, we have established a reputation in the industry as one of the market leaders. We regularly supply clients with sports apparel, corporate attire, and other branded items that help to promote their brands. We specialise in team attire, and are one of the corporate attire suppliers of sports apparel for many different brands and teams in South Africa.


·         Ability: We have a lot of resources at our disposal. This not only includes the latest technology and most creative designers, but also we also invest in printing technology and embroidery. We even manufacture our own items, and can brand them according to your needs.


·         Swift Service: We know that it takes a lot of time to deliver the perfect product, but we have perfected the art of being able to design branding, manufacture clothes, and perfect branding with very short deadlines. This is one of the main reasons why we are considered to be one of the most prominent corporate attire providers available on the South African market today.


·         High-Quality: Just because we are able to deliver on short deadlines, it does not mean that we cut corners when it comes to quality. We know that the quality of the corporate attire we supply is very important, that the branding has to be vibrant and last long, and that the workmanship and construction of these items have to be outstanding.


If you are currently looking for clothing providers that can provide you with the branded sports clothes or uniforms you need in a hurry, we are the people to call! Give us a call today to find out how we can help you to achieve your objectives.